Kitchen cabinets

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Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen; it defines the style and function of your kitchen. Determining the right type of cabinets for your kitchen will make this space more useful, convenient and at the same time will enhance the look and importance of your home.

Custom made kitchen cabinetsThe old custom was to hire a carpenter to make the cabinets and install them. Installing was never as easy as it is nowadays. Today you just have to go to the nearby local store and purchase the ready to put-up kitchen cabinetry. When you come back home you can install them all yourself. But always remember that before you install the kitchen cabinetry, you have to be specific about the type of cabinets and its usefulness. To purchase the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen you must consider certain important factors like the quality of wood, door styles, drawer type, color, pattern and hardware.

The kitchen cabinetry can be categorized into three parts.

• Custom kitchen cabinets: Custom cabinets are planned and then built specifically for your kitchen from scratch. The selection of all of the materials, shape, size, finish, everything is decided by the client. Custom kitchen cabinets enhance the importance of your home. They are comparatively more useful. They come with a warranty for a fixed time period and at the same time they can be quite expensive. It takes nearly one to two months for the building and delivering of the Custom Kitchen cabinetry.

• Semi-custom kitchen cabinets: Semi-custom are manufactured in a factory. They are made available in a limited number of sizes but with a lot of options to select from. Semi-custom cabinetry often use pine, pecan and hickory, cherry, oak, maple woods, etc. Width, depth and height of these cabinets can be changed. Delivery of Semi custom takes approximately four to six week.

• Stock cabinets: Generally, stock cabinets are purchased separately. In comparison to the other types, they are more reasonably priced. Stock cabinetry made up of particleboard are available in limited colors, types of wood and styles. Stock cabinetry often used cherry, oak and maple woods. To generate a different and improved look the cabinets can be enhanced with trims and moldings. The size of the stock items cannot be changed. The inventory is always available in stores so the delivery of stock cabinets are available instantaneously.

Custom kitchen cabinets are much better than the other two types available. People prefer custom kitchen cabinets because they fulfill all the specific needs of the kitchen space. There is no doubt that custom cabinetry is are more expensive as compared to the stock cabinetry. Essentially, these cabinets permit you to modify the kitchen on the basis of your personal taste and preferences. It is because a carpenter is specially building these cabinets and must be compensated for his work. His labor cost has to be added to the cost of the materials making custom cabinets more expensive. You also have to spend money on the installation of your custom cabinetry as these can at times be more complicated than the other two.

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